European Road Safety Charter


SF - Caravan

The federation of the independent caravanning and motor caravanning associations in Finland. SF-Caravan has 65 member associations that have in total 58.479 members.

Number of staff: 11

Taipale Telematics Oy

Taipale Telematics Oy Ltd develops and provides innovative solutions that improve safety and economics in traffic.

Taipale Telematics´product range includes products and services for driving behaviour measuring & reporting, for professional driver training and for preventing accidents caused of wheel damages. The company has 9 employees.



Ähtärin Ammatti-Instituutti

Ähtäri Ammatti-Instituutti is located in Ähtäri, in the province of Western Finland. The institute has 300 students and 50 teachers. The training offer includes an apprenticeship system, adult education and corporate services.

City of Oulu

The City of Oulu is a city and municipality comprising approximately 130,000 inhabitants in the province of Oulu and the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is the largest and most important city in Northern Finland and the sixth largest city in the country. In the area of administration, there are 8,000 workers.

Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre / Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies (VALT)

The Finnish Motor Insurers´ Centre FMIC is the joint organization for the motor insurance companies in Finland. Finnish insurers’ joint traffic safety efforts are coordinated and supervised by the Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies (VALT), a body appointed by the Board of the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre. According to Act on the investigation of road and cross-country traffic accidents 24/2001 FMIC is in charge of the maintenance, general organisation and planning of the road accident investigation scheme.

Rahtarit ry

Rahtarit ry are a national Finnish driver’s association, with over 26, 000 members, who aim to increase the standard of working conditions for professional drivers.

Number of individual members: 26 000

Number of staff: 3 (fulltime staff)

Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities (Pyöräilykuntien verkosto)

Pyöräilykuntien verkosto (Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities) is a national umbrella association for 45 local and regional private and public cycling entities. The main objective of the network is to promote cycling and raise its status within the overall traffic system in Finland. The association publishes a monthly magazine, organises cycling and road safety events and acts as a spokesman and information centre for bicycle users and pedestrians.


Terveys ry - Finnish Health Association NGO


Mission of the Finnish Health Association NGO is to promote health, safety and well being of young people by preventing alcohol and drug use. We produce information materials and organize education, events and experiences. It has 1500 individual members, 50 professional members and 18 members of staff.



Aivovammaliitto ry

The core activity of Aivovammaliitto is to operate as a special-interest group for (head injury) disabled people and their relatives. This function is fulfilled by giving knowledge, support and education to the members of the Aivovammaliitto Organisation, to the professionals in health care and social services and to the big audience in Finland. There are 14 employees and the Headquarters are located in Helsinki. Other offices are located in Tampere and Oulu.


Finnish Bus and Coach Association

Finnish Bus and Coach Association represents the interests of its 360 member companies to have safe and economic bus transport by influencing the political decision-making and other authorities, and by informing its members on current issues in the bus field. The association also works to develop bus transport and its different business types to better meet the needs of bus passengers.


HePo - Helsingin Polkupyöräilijät ry (Helsinki Cyclist)

"Helsinki Cyclists" officially Helsingin Polkupyöräilijät, is a volunteer organization that has been created in1981.

Hepo’s mission is to promote cycling, especially as commuting method and leisure time activity, and to act for safe and convenient cycling in general and especially in Helsinki area. There are about 300 members, most of them in greater Helsinki.

Suomen Taksiliitto

Suomen Taksiliitto, The Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation is an organisation for the Finnish Taxi licence holders. Its aim is to promote conditions for taxi operators in the fields of legislation etc. We have approx. 8.000 members, which is 90 % of all taxi operators. Our staff in the office is 14 plus 9 regional employees.


Western Finland (Provincial Office) - Traffic Safety Negotiation Board

The State Provincial Office of Western Finland is a joint regional administrative authority of seven ministries and it promotes the regional aims of the government. In the region, there are 199 municipalities and 1.86 million inhabitants. The Traffic Safety Negotiation Board, assembled by the State Provincial Office, works to ensure and promote traffic safety in the area of Western Finland.

Road Freight Finland Oy

Road Freight Finland Oy is a Finnish transportation company, specialised in time-scheduled export deliveries from Finland to other EU countries, as well as in temperature-controlled deliveries from central and southern European countries to Finland and ADR deliveries. It has approximately 30 trucks in use.

Fortum OYj

Fortum is a leading energy company focusing on the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic Rim area. Activities cover the generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heat and the operation and maintenance of power plants. Our vision is to be the benchmark power and heat company excelling in sustainability. The company employs approximately 13,500 people. Fortum's shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.


Enerke Oy

Enerke Oy is an installation company in the energy branch. The company is situated in eastern Finland and consists of 150 employees and three business units, which include the installation and maintenance of electric power distribution networks (wires, cables and transformers), distribution network planning, and the maintenance of hydro-power plants and substations.

DHL Freight (Finland) Oy

Services offered by DHL Freight (Finland) Oy include international air express, domestic and European-wide road transport from parcels to full trailer loads, and various special logistics services. DHL Freight and its subsidiary, Kelpo Kuljetus Fi Oy, employ about 1,100 people in 18 office and terminal sites in Finland.

Haanpaa Oy


Haanpaa Oy provides logistics services, such as transportation, storage and distribution of liquid chemicals. Haanpaa Oy has about 110 employees in Finland. 80% of them are drivers. Haanpaa also employs about 50 subcontracted drivers.



SE Mäkinen Logistics Oy

SE Mäkinen offers logistics services for automotive manufacturers, importers, retailers and car rental companies in Finland, Russia and the Baltic States. Services include road transport, storage, vehicle pre-delivery inspections and vehicle taxation services. Primary activities include vehicle transport, which is carried out with 85 specialised car transporters (trucks carrying cars). The company employs some 140 people.

Suomen Tieyhdistys - Finnish Road Association

Finnish Road Association is a non-profit organisation. It has 1 200 collective members from various groups related to roads and road traffic and 1 000 individual members. The goal is to promote roads and road traffic in Finland. The Association has been a member of the International Road Federation, IRF since 1952. The association employs 6 persons. Headquarter is in Helsinki.


Liikenneturva - Central Organisation for Traffic Safety in Finland

The main objective and task for Liikenneturva is to improve traffic safety by influencing peoples' attitudes and behaviour. The main activities are traffic safety information and campaigning, support for a life long traffic education, programs for further training of drivers, research, statistical and library service and support for regional and local traffic safety work. Liikenneturva has 47 employees.


Association of Automobile Importers in Finland

The Association of Automobile Importers in Finland (Autotuojat) is and expert organization that follows up the automobile sector legislation and is involved in its preparation. The association is also involved in developing the research in the field of automobilism. Automobile Importers Association works closely with road related taxation, transport -, vehicle - and technical legislation, road safety and road transport's environmental issues.


Autoliitto - Automobile and Touring Club of Finland

The Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (Autoliitto, AL) was founded in 1919. It is an association established to look after the interests, services and hobbies of individual motorists, and is made up of 98 registered local clubs. The Automobile and Touring Club of Finland is the only nationwide association for private motoring in Finland and has about 96.000 members. The Automobile and Touring club of Finland is part of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), improving the Club’s possibilities to influence international transport and car travel-related regulations.

Tapiola Group


Tapiola Group´s core business is banking, insurance and financial services. In relation to the insurance services Tapiola Group provides risk management services to corporate customers. Corporate road safety services are part of its broader risk management service.


Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY)


The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY) develops physical logistics (transport, storage, handling) and purchasing procedures for materials and services. The association also gives training for workers in logistics. LOGY has 3500 individual members and 260 corporate members in Finland.


Transpoint Oy Ab

Transpoint Oy Ab is one of the largest transportation companies in Finland providing domestic parcel and Less Than Truck Load (LTL) transportation with light and heavy vehicles. The company has 25 haulage terminals in Finland. Transpoint has 900 employees (420 drivers) and employs approximately 400 subcontracted trucks and drivers. Transpoint owns 138 heavy trucks and 400 trailers.


Finnish Driving Schools Association (Suomen Autokoululiitto ry)

Finnish Association of Driving Schools ry (SAKL) is a Finnish driving school entrepreneurs’ association. Its main responsibilities are road safety promotion and education, and development of both driving schools’ education services and the skills of driving schools’ employees. Finnish Association of Driving Schools acts also in co-operation with driving schools and related associations on an international level.


Jyväskylä - City of Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä, which is 147 km from Tampere and 270 km from Helsinki, is a city located in central Finland. It has about 85,000 inhabitants. As it has been the site of many education-related “firsts” in Finland, it is known as a city of schools and the Athens of Finland.

Suomen Motoristit ry SMOTO

Suomen Motoristit ry is a motorcycle association located in Tampere, Finland. It is managed by 20 volunteers and has 20,000 members. Smoto aims to promote, protect and safeguard motorcycling, promoting the interests of riders and defending their rights throughout Finland.

Iisalmi City Council

The industrial town of Iisalmi is on the northern shore of Porovesi. The Iisalmi City Council represents the city’s 24,000 citizens. It has 900 employees.


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