European Road Safety Charter


Autonrengasliitto ry

Autonrengasliitto ry is a business and labour market policy interest organisation for tyre companies and retreaders.

ARL’s membership includes 82 tyre sector specialist companies and retreaders, with over 230 outlets. Together, the companies employ 1,500 people. ARL’s member companies represent about 70% of Finland’s tyre market.

Atala School - City of Tampere

Atala school is composed of about three hundred pupils and 26 teachers and is located in the city of Tampere: one of Finland's largest urban centres with more than 200 000 inhabitants. The Tampere region is the birthplace of Finnish industrialism. 

ENEMMISTÖ ry. - Association for Traffic Policies

Liikennepoliittinen yhdistys Enemmistö ry is a non-profit association for urban traffic policies. The association promotes efficient public transport and improved conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. There are 300 members. Liikennepoliittinen yhdistys Enemmistö ry is board member of Liikenneturva (Central Organisation for Traffic safety in Finland). 

City of Jämsä

The City of Jämsä has 15,000 inhabitants, and the local administration comprises 857 employees.

Employers’ Road Transport Federation (Autoliikenteen Työnantajaliitto ry - ALT)

Autoliikenteen Työnantajaliitto ry - ALT is the national employers' federation that represents and looks after passenger and goods transport company interests in labour market issues in Finland. ALT has around 1,100 company members with a total of 25,000 employees.

Scanroad Finland Oy

Scanroad Finland Oy is a transport company. In Finland Scanroad moves 20 trucks and counts with 20 people Headquarters are in Vantaa. There are branches in France, Germany and Benelux with an annual traffic of more than 1000 truck trailers.

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) in Helsinki is a public authority with about 800 employees. The institute’s goal is to promote the working ability, functional capacity and health of the working population in Finland, and enhance quality of life.

Finnish Traffic Medicine Association


Finnish Traffic Medicine Association is a scientific body composed of 100 associated people responsible for education and training of medical professionals. Doctors, policemen, traffic insurance people and legislators belong to the association and carry on scientific medical studies. It is located in Helsinki.


Jalasjärvi Adult Education Centre

JAKK is a multi-discipline education centre for adults with over 200 staff members and approximately 6,000 students yearly. It is involved in training and business development in transport, logistics and infrastructure construction activities.

JAKK has seven training sites in Finland, specifically in Jalasjärvi, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and Helsinki-Vantaa.

City of Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki is a town in southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. It has 31,700 inhabitants. Seinäjoki town council has 1,384 employees.


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