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Union Nationale des Associations de Familles de Traumatisés Crâniens

L'UNAFTC est une union de 48 associations départementales ou régionales de familles de traumatisés crâniens, dont l'objectif est de soutenir les victimes et les familles de traumatisés crâniens.


Targeting is an environmental study group made up of four people, who intervene essentially with local groups with a view to establishing durable development in terms of air quality and travel.

Association of Mantes Agglomeration’s Youth Clubs - ACJAM -

ACJAM is a specialised prevention association based in Val Fourré (Mantes la Jolie, in the Paris region), the greatest ZUP (priority urbanisation zone) in France. It accompanies young publics from 10 to 25 years of age in a socialisation and integration process. It also has a association-based driving school, the aim of which is to make obtaining driving licences easier for publics in difficulty.

Federation of road associations for education - FARE


Currently composed of 2 employees and 15 volunteer directors, the FARE was createdin1988. It now includes sixty independent adherent schools and hundreds of supporters who work with a part of the population facing difficulties in the areas of social inclusion, vocational education, training and prevention.




Astéria Prévention, a consultancy based in the Paris region, specialises in the promotion of awareness-raising actions, accident prevention and training in road safety. It organises training modules in schools, colleges, faculties and training centres in the whole of France, as well as all professional spheres. It employs five permanent consultants and about twenty-five outside workers.

Martigues Town Hall – Road Traffic Department

The town of Martigues is one of the few municipalities in the region to have a Road Safety Unit within its Traffic Department. With the agreement of the seven members of the department, the Road Safety Leader has to develop a road safety policy through a multi-annual programme of actions and the development of suitable road structures in line with accidentology data.



AFTRI - Association Française du Transporteur Routier International

AFTRI is a French national association that brings together 550 companies from the international road transport sector. Its main activity is the defence of goods and people road transport professionals.


Parkeon SAS devises, develops, assembles and installs parking metre systems and access control systems for work car parks and vehicles in general. With 850 staff members, 13 establishments in Europe and the USA, and 140,000 machines installed in over 3,000 cities in 40 countries, Parkeon is the world leader in parking.


COIRO TP is a French private family-run company, based in the Lyons region. It has 183 employees, and 155 of these work on building sites, 80% of which are on roads. It has a fleet of 104 professional vehicles. In terms of activity, it is involved in installing networks (electric, gas, etc.), road maintenance, construction and winter (clearing roads of snow) and road (road marking, etc.) servicing.

FAGE Federation of General Student Associations

Created in 1989, the Federation of General Student Associations (FAGE) has 1,500 member associations within some 30 city student federations and 13 single discipline federations. Its activities include the publication of student guides and the journal of student associations, the representation of students on various national student councils, the training of elected representatives and heading the network.

Forclum Côte d’Opale

Forclum is a company specialising in industrial electricity work, with 190 employees distributed throughout three geographical sectors (Outreau, Calais, Saint-Omer). Its different activities concern electricity, plumbing and air conditioning, as well as hydraulics and industrial maintenance. It can be grouped under the Construction / Publics Works Sector.

Voiture & Co

Voiture & co is a French association whose activities comprise both regular interventions (offering the general public mobility services: carpooling, bicycle rental, etc.) and specific interventions (preventive campaigns within the framework of student parties and festivals).

Trets City Council

The Trets City Council is a territorial administration. The city has some 10,000 inhabitants.


Sanofi-Aventis is the number one pharmaceutical industry in Europe. 100 0000 employees worldwide perform research & development, manufacturing, distribution and sale our ethical products.



Eurovia, a subsidiary of the Vinci Group, is one of the world leaders in transport infrastructure construction and maintenance. It has 22,000 employees distributed in 330 agencies and subsidiaries in 16 countries.

The National School of Infrastructure Technicians - ENTE (Ecole nationale des techniciens de l'Équipement)

The National School of Infrastructure Technicians (ENTE) is an establishment for primary and ongoing training for high-level technicians, administrative secretaries and land transport controllers of the Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea responsible for green technologies and climate-related negotiations. The ENTE in Valenciennes was awarded the Quality (ISO9001: 2008), Safety (OHSAS18001: 2007) and Environment (ISO14001: 2004) certification on 18 June 2009 and received the confirmation of its three-fold certification on 12 June 2010.

Groupe Michel Ferrero


The Michel Ferrero Group comprises four bodies: ETSSRA, ORCA communication, GMF Formation and GMF accueil. Its main activity is private security, i.e. security guards, surveillance, electronic surveillance, and the installation and maintenance of technical equipment for the protection of individuals and objects.



ADAPEI des Pyrénées-Atlantiques

ADAPEI is a parental association, established in 1962, to meet the expectations of families with mentally disabled children. For the last 50 years, the association has tirelessly fought for the creation of centres equipped for the care of the mentally disabled.

ADAPEI currently manages 35 establishments and services, serving nearly 1,800 disabled people and employing almost 1,000 staff.

Vichy-Val d’Allier (V.V.A.)

The community of Vichy-Val d’Allier covers 23 towns in the Auvergne region with 80,000 inhabitants. It manages economic development, town and country planning, the universities, public transport, arterial roads, youth facilities, etc.

Association Cap Magellan


Cap Magellan is an association established under French law run by young Portuguese people, descendants of Lusophones and French people wishing to promote exchange between France, Portugal and Lusophone countries. It was established in Paris on 24 November 1991 and currently has 6,253 full members.



The Loire-Atlantique County Council (Conseil général de Loire-Atlantique)

The Loire-Atlantique County Council operates in a number of fields, including social action, municipal aid, roads, schools, etc.

Police Drivers Association - Association Pilotes Police Gendarmerie

The aim of the police drivers association “Pilotes Police Gendarmerie” is to bring together all mechanical sports enthusiasts and key players in road safety. What is the underlying goal? To innovate, help and develop road safety actions using mechanical sports as an educational tool; to develop in parallel a real policy of proximity with young people; and to assist and advise young people to indulge their passion in well-defined safe environments.


The Parisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP)

The Parisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), dedicated to the 310,000 companies in Paris and the Paris region, is a public body headed by 80 elected company directors. It operates in a number of fields linked to economics and company life.

R.E.L.I.A.N.C.E Routière

R.E.L.I.A.N.C.E. Routière is an association based in Bouches-du-Rhône (France) which brings together road education professionals who have taken the road risk course in Lambesc as part of their educational science degree, the objective being to improve road safety education through the development of specific training. The association was created in 2005, and has some 50 members.

Sécurité des Usagers de la Route


Sécurité des Usagers de la Route (Road User Safety) is a limited company created through the alliance between a prevention expert and a computer expert. Its objectives are to train, educate, raise awareness, inform and advise road users from an early age.



L’atelier scolaire

L’atelier scolaire is a workshop that brings young unschooled children under the age of 16 up to the necessary level and provides them with learning and school support opportunities. It carries out health risk prevention actions and holds mediation workshops (horse riding, theatre, creative writing, dance, graphic arts). There are three school educators and one project coordinator. It is based in the Val-de-Marne department in the Paris region, and forms part of the Jean Cotxet association (youth protection).

The Landes association for the perfection of beginner drivers (Association Landaise pour le Perfectionnement des Conducteurs Débutants)

The Landes association for the perfection of beginner drivers is an association in the southwest of France; it has four employees and some 20 volunteers. It carries out road safety actions for beginner drivers.

Familles Rurales

Non-profit family association.

It is organised on a federal level: nationally, regionally and departmentally (94), locally with 2,500 associations, mostly located in rural areas.

It proposes activities and services to families related to daily life in the fields of prevention, safety, education, public assistance and leisure.


The South Finistère Family Allowance Office (Caisse d'allocations familiales du Sud-Finistère)

The South Finistère Family Allowance Office (Brittany, France) is responsible for the payment of legal or extralegal benefits to the relevant beneficiaries or rights-holders in its geographic sector. It has 250 employees.

Neavia Technologies

Neavia technologies develops and markets products for road network surveillance. The company has developed new technology to monitor road traffic. It has five employees.


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