Carta Europea de la Seguridad Vial


Côtes d’Armor Chamber of Trades and Crafts

Advisory organisation to craft companies in Côtes d’Armor – 9,200 craftspeople on the trade register – 250 people provide assistance, advice and training - the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) manages an Apprentice Training Centre (CFA) involving more than 2,500 young people.

Conseil général des Côtes d’Armor

The local council carries out its responsibilities through actions and undertakings on the Armorican coast and, in particular, in the areas of communications infrastructure, which includes roads. A total of 2,226 officials work for the council, as well as 600 national education and equipment officials. The council was responsible for the establishment of the ITS Bretagne association.

City of Vitrolles

The municipality is responsible for administering the daily lives of 39,000 inhabitants (public services, maintenance of heritage buildings, parks and gardens, etc.) and 30,000 daily visitors (employees of companies in three activity areas, customers in the shopping area, service users (House of Law Judicial Branch, sports activities, etc). 150 kilometres of municipal road network, three departmental roads and one motorway crossing the city.


Rouen City Council

Rouen is a city in North-west France and is the administrative centre of the Haute-Normandie region and the Seine-Maritime department. It has 110,000 inhabitants.


Sociétés d’autoroutes de VINCI: ASF, ESCOTA et COFIROUTE

VINCI motorway companies cover 4,000 km of French networks, and their primary objective is to provide their 100,000 daily customers with a safe and comfortable network. They aim to ensure traffic conditions for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) that promote safety and fluidity. The 9,500 employees implement this objective by working, for the most part, on the roads or at tollbooths.

Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the second leading group worldwide on the wine, champagne and spirits market. It produces and distributes its brands directly in over 70 countries.

In 2007, it had a total of 17,680 members of staff worldwide, 8,187 of whom work in European Union Member States (2,876 in France, where the company has its headquarters). In Europe, 2,529 employees use company vehicles.

Assureurs Prévention


SNCF is an international group whose activity concerns the transportation of passengers and goods by rail and by road. The railway company employs 160,000 employees. Its activity revolves around the transportation of passengers in the context of daily transport, long-distance travel and freight transport.


Automobile Club Prevention

Automobile Club Prévention is part of Automobile Club Action +. With a network of 20 driving tracks in France, it intervenes primarily in the field of refresher training for licence-holders, also providing advice and action to manage professional road risk. It has 30 employees.

Prévention Routière

Non-profit association, state-approved since 1955, Prévention Routière seeks to reduce the number and severity of road accidents. In order to do so, it studies, provides the necessary means and encourages all initiatives that seek to improve road safety and develop behaviour.

EGIS Mobilité

EGIS Mobilité is an engineering company that specialises in traffic, mobility, transport and operations. The company has 200 employees, and is a subsidiary of EGIS Group, the leading transport infrastructure engineering company in Europe.

Ville de Paris

Paris, with two million inhabitants and 1.6 million jobs, is the site of 10 million trips every day, two thirds of which take place on the 1,600 km of highways in the capital. Paris City Council works with the police headquarters to improve road safety on an ongoing basis.

Automobile Club Action +

Automobile Club Action +, the foremost automobile club in France, represents the interests of drivers, providing numerous services (roadside assistance, legal protection, etc.). It is also active in the field of road safety. ACA + is active specifically in the field of post-test training for drivers and, through its subsidiary, Automobile Club Prévention, in the field of providing advice and action for the control of risks affecting professional transport.

Chambre Syndicale Internationale de l’Automobile et du Motocycle

The Chambre Syndicale Internationale de l’Automobile et du Motocycle [international automobile and motorcycle employers’ federation] brings together the exclusive French representatives of foreign automobile and motorcycle manufacturers (that is, almost 50% of the PV [passenger vehicle] market, 70% of the industrial vehicle market, 100% of the bus and coach market, and 80% of the two- and three-wheeled motor vehicle market in France).

CETUP (Compagnie Européenne de Transports Urgents Personnalisés)

The objective of CETUP is to provide personalised urgent transportation services. It is a French light transport service that can provide made-to-measure solutions at critical times, round the clock (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year).
CETUP currently employs around 100 people (of whom almost 80% are drivers) throughout France.

FFB (the French Building Federation)

A professional federation of employers in the building trade, with 58,000 members of whom 42,000 are tradespersons: operations by territory (98 federations by Department, 28 regional federations) and by profession (29 national unions). A network of 1,200 permanent employees provides representation and defence services for members as regards the public authorities; advice; expertise; the distribution of tools and guides; and fosters the professional network.


The Macif Group is the leading company for family insurance in France and specifically the foremost insurer of 2- and 4-wheel motor vehicles. The group has almost 9,000 employees and its policyholders are represented by over 2,000 delegates. 4.7 million clients / policyholders have some 15 million contracts with the group.

Rencontre 93 - Association Vers la Vie pour l’Education des Jeunes

Rencontre 93 is part of the Association Vers la Vie pour l’Education des Jeunes (AVVEJ), which is involved in the protection and education of at-risk children and teenagers. Rencontre 93 is a school workshop for young people aged between 12 and 17 who have fallen out of the school system, and offers them educational support, encouragement, guidance, cultural activities, and preventive health care. It works with 40 young people on a permanent basis and has 40 full-time and part-time employees.

Centaure Network

The Centaure network consists of the Centaure association and nine franchised public limited companies. There are 85 people involved in the network: trainers, traders and administrative staff. The activities carried out by the network are post-driving test training, training for professional drivers and training to regain lost driving licence points, all on dedicated training sites.

DEKRA Automotive S.A.

DEKRA Automotive, the French subsidiary of the German group DEKRA A.G. is involved in the following areas in France

  • Automobile roadworthiness tests (1,400 premises);
  • HGV roadworthiness tests (130 premises, 280 collaborators);
  • Training, consultancy and auditing (40 collaborators, 3,000 trainees);
  • Expertise and management of vehicle flows in buy-back systems (20 collaborators);
  • Vehicle and equipment test centres.

Peugeot Motocycles

Peugeot Motocycles (PMTC) is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of motorised two-wheel vehicles.


Recently established sole proprietorship (one employee), service provider (training, consultancy and engineering) in the field of road safety education, risk management (in particular road risk), and restructuring assistance in organisations. Conforis is offering its expertise to a working group piloted by the Languedoc-Roussillon CRAM [regional state health insurance office] for the implementation of a general guideline document on the topic of accidents in the workplace.

Sud-Ouest Mutualité

Sud-Ouest Mutualité is an interprofessional mutual insurance company (with quality certification) that offers tailor-made health insurance, savings, pension and contingency plans. It has 105 employees, nine branches and five company offices. It has 1,000 company customers and manages almost 100,000 contracts.

Association Les Galas du Tronquay

The Les Galas du Tronquay association seeks to promote road safety by organising prevention actions, particularly designated driver operations. The association has 228 members.

Association Générale de Prévoyance Militaire

The AGPM was established in 1951 and is a specialist insurance association for defence personnel (servicemen and former servicemen), security personnel and their families. The AGPM designs, manages and distributes contingency insurance plans, car and home insurance plans, savings schemes, supplementary healthcare schemes, dependency schemes, etc. It operates in France, Spain and Belgium, and has 630,000 members and 780 employees.

AGIRabcd, General Association of retired volunteers

AGIRabcd is an association of retired volunteers who seek to provide people in all kinds of difficult situations with their experience and know-how.
At the start of 2008, the association had over 4,250 active members (with women making up 36% of this figure), distributed throughout France.

Norauto Group

The Norauto Group brings together brands in the automobile maintenance and equipment sector (Norauto, Auto 5, Maxauto, Carter-Cash, Synchro Diffusion and Midas). The group has a presence in France (the country of origin of the flagship brand), Austria, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil and Argentina. This multi-activity group encompasses car accessories outlets, local fast-fit garages and servicing centres, hard discount outlets and B2B sales.


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