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We produce emergency identity cards, which contain a series of information on the state of health of a person involved in an accident. This information can be used by the emergency services in the event of an accident.

Global Service 2004 soc coop arl

Global Service 2004 has been involved for years in the development of road and accident prevention signs and markings, car park construction, urban equipment production, and park and tourist trail management. The company has four associates.

Comune di Montemurlo

City council with 90 members of staff. As a local authority body, it provides various services to the public. Through the municipal police force (17 operators), we have been involved for several years in the field of road safety.

G.P.E. Gruppo Pubblica Emergenza di Protezione Civile

The G.P.E. volunteer and civil defence association is a non-profit association with 70 members.

Associazione Asso è..

Our association provides road safety education for children in particular. It has approximately 135 members.

ASAIS - Association of Research and Analysis of Road Incidents

Training and research for road accident reconstruction and road safety, with 62 ordinary members, 9 observer members and 11 honorary members.

JDS Association of Education and Road Safety - ONLUS

We are a non-profit organisation with the purpose of solidarity to be reach by the following: protection of health, promoting road safety for the reduction and prevention of road accidents, improving the quality of life, spreading culture and awareness of compliance among people.
Number of individual members: 5
Number of professional members: 15

A.S.D. Guidare Sicuro

The Guidare Sicuro [safe driving] association was established in Arezzo by a group of instructors with many years of experience in the road safety sector and international motorsport events, in order to convey the knowledge acquired in the sector to young licence-holders and all those wishing to improve their car, motorbike and moped handling skills. The association has 6 founder members and now consists of 75 members.

a.s.d. Nove&quindici

We have a study centre in order to raise awareness among young people about safe driving through the publication of documents, studies and research, as well as through the organisation of meetings and conventions. The association also has professional driver members who teach safe and eco-friendly driving courses. Number of members: 15.


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