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Od 28. Marzec 2017 do 29. Marzec 2017
15. Marzec 2016
The Hall, St. Nicholas College Middle School, Rabat.
Od 16. Grudzień 2015 do 30. Czerwiec 2016
St. Nicholas College Middle School

Zebbug Scout Group Malta

Scout Group of Zebbug in Malta has 70 members

Touring Club Malta (TCM)

TCM (Touring Club Malta) is an FIA-affiliated club. Some years ago, it joined up with the ECF (European Cycling Federation) to organize cycling tours in Malta.

TCM has also a section for motor home owners, and most of its members travel throughout Europe by car or motor home.

E-Training World

E-Training World provides Fleet Risk Management and diver training services. Its core services are on-line Driver Profiling and on-line Driver Training systems, both these systems allows E-Training World to assess and train an infinite number of drivers at low cost. E-Training World also provides consultancy services both in the UK and in Malta through the Malta Transport Consultancy.

Euro-Med Movement

Euro-Med Movement is a national NGO coordinated by a group of people involved in various community issues, promoting regional cooperation.

Malta Union of Teachers

Malta Union of Teachers has a dual Role, that of a strong and effective trade union representing all teaching grades in Malta (at all levels) and a professional educational organisation.

Mqabba Local Council

The activity of Mqabba Local Council is the delivery of services to the general public such as the cleansing, road maintenance, street lighting and law enforcement. We have a population of 3.200.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise was established in 1848 and is the leading business organisation in Malta. 2009 will see it merge with the Malta Federation of Industry. The merged entity will be known as the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and will represent some 1200 members of the Maltese business community. Its activity is the promotion, servicing and representation of Malta's business community.

Kercem Local Council

The Kercem Local Council is the legal administrator of the village of Kercem (Local Government) which also includes the hamlet of Santa Lucija. It employes 2 full time workers (Executive Secretary and an Executive Officer) and a part time employee (the Mayor). Kercem has a population of around 1700 people.

Institute of Hospitality Malta

The Institute of Hospitality Malta is an Association of Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Leisure Management Professionals. The institute is a Non Profit Making Organisation and works for the advancement of the professionals working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries.

Malta Cycling Federation

Malta Cycling federation is an association which manages the cycling community as in training , organising events from street rides to national championship in all the fields from BMX, Mountain biking and Road Racing and also is proud of its International event Tour Ta' Malta. It has 350 members.

The Sense Group

The Sense Group is an organisation founded in 1997 by the producers and importers of alcoholic beverages in Malta. The main objective of TSG is to promote sensible drinking among the Maltese population and to prevent alcohol related harm.

Public Transport Association

The Public Transport Association's primary activities are the route bus service and the unscheduled bus service around Malta, performing 4,300 trips daily and catering a network of 82 Routes. It employs 600 employees (bus owners, transport attendants, ticket sellers, clerical staff etc.. )

Bradley School of Motoring

Bradley School of Motoring is a Driving School established in The United Kingdom with over 100 instructors. It is now establishing a sister school in Malta in October 2008.

Qrendi Scout Group

Qrendi Scout Group, a non governmental organisation for young people of ages varying between 5 to 18 years, belonging to forty scout groups spread thoughout MALTA.

Old Motors Club Malta

The Old Motors Club is Malta's leading organisation for old and historical vehicle enthusiasts, promoting the restoration and maintenance of vintage, veteran and classic cars, not only for aesthetic and cultural purposes, but also to ensure the highest standards of road safety while these cars are being used. It has 300 members.

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