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Mestna obcina Maribor

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, with 114,349 citizens. It is the economic, university, cultural and sports centre of the north-eastern part of the country. It is located by the river Drava, at the point of contact of five different regional units: the Drava valley, important for traffic and energy, Pohorje with livestock-rearing and tourism, the forests and farms of Kozjak and Slovenske gorice with its vineyards and orchards.

Zveza združenj šoferjev in avtomehanikov Slovenije

ZZŠAM (Zveza zdruzenj soferjev in avtomehanikov Slovenije) is a Union of 52 NGOs with 7,500 members of professional drivers. It was established in 1922. Its activities are: drivers’ professional competence, road safety activities and publishing the magazine “Prometni vestnik”. ZZŠAM is a member of UICR.

Slovenian Red Cross

The Slovenian Red Cross is an independent humanitarian organisation. As a part of the International Red Cross movement it responds to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies. 130 employees and 19, 500 volunteers in 56 local branches help to prevent and alleviate human suffering, protect life and health, promote healthy life and carry out different health and social services.

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

The Traffic Technical Institute is part of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. It has 13 employees and besides working with students it also works for the Municipality (traffic studies) and Ministry for Transport (traffic safety studies).

Omega Consult project management Ltd.

OMEGA Consult, Ltd. was established in 1989 and is focused on its clients’ needs. It works mainly in the field of consulting and information systems development. OMEGA consult has a permanent staff of 28 people, all experts in their respective areas, such as transport, economics, information systems and computer programming, statistics, public services and the environment.

Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is a public research institution founded in 1989. There are 150 employees at the Institute, of whom 73 are researchers. The prevailing part of the research and expert work is performed in modern equipped laboratories and in experimental fields and plantations.

Pošta Slovenije

Pošta Slovenije employs 6,300 people and owns 559 post offices. The company vehicle fleet includes 960 vehicles and 207 professional drivers. The main activity of the company is to ensure high quality, competitive and reliable implementation of postal services, logistics services, electronic postal services and sale of merchandise.

Slovenske železnice

Primary activity: passenger and freight transport, management of infrastructure, infrastructure maintenance and traffic management. Number of employees: 7,949. Traffic in 2007: number of passengers transported: 16.1 million. Passenger km: 813 million. Tonnes of goods transported: 19.3 million. Tonnes per km: 3,900 million. Modernisation of rolling stock. Good geographic position on the crossing of the number 5 and number 10 Pan-European corridors.


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