European Road Safety Charter

Croatian Urgent Medicine and Surgery Association

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
During the next three years, we commit to undertake the following actions:
1. We plan to organise between 3 and 5 seminars.
We will explain during these sessions why, when and how injuries happen and how to prevent them. We will also focus on the prevention of medical complications that could happen in injuries.
Our target groups will be: medical personnel, students of medicine and law, police, fire brigade members, civilian non-governmental organisations, government organisation (schools).  Our objective is to reach up to 100 participants.
2. We will analyse road accident statistic and suggest measures to improve road safety.
Statistics we use about road accidents comes from police units' records.
Other statistics are provided by hospitals about injuries occurred in road accidents and other statistics are about complications / deaths from those injuries.
We will publish some of these materials as lectures, seminars or symposiums and in the media.
We will make a comparison with other EU countries and analyse their statistics and road safety measures.
Our belief is that if surgeons talk about injuries, prevention of injuries and especially about complications of injuries, it will have a stronger effect.
3. We will involve and educate risk groups like motorcycle drivers.
For that reason, we will launch activities in different Croatian cities by our members. More than 5 Croatian cities - Zagreb, Varazdin, Kutina, Slavonski brod, Rijeka will be involved.
Our goal is to educate a target population (motorcycle societies for example) on basic trauma life support programmes. This involves not only explanation of what trauma is but how injuries can be prevented by adopting safer driving.
4. Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death between the ages 0-29 in most developing countries. Despite a significant consensus about public health of this problem, specific training of young people and future drivers is not present. The only existing training is included in driving schools programs, but effects of those programs are not measured.
We would like to propose a specific training of secondary school students.
This program would include lectures with medical and legal aspects of road traffic injuries as well as a practical demonstration of traffic accidents highlighting the potential risks regarding fatalities and/or heavily injured people. An important aspect of our suggested education is the presence of the students' parents during their training.
Educators would be students of medicine and law, previously educated on specific course.
We will form a research group consisting of 180 students and their parents including those that have participated in the education programme and the same number of non-participants as a control group.
We will test their level of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour regarding road traffic safety before training and then immediately after training followed by reviews 1 month and 6 months after.
After an evaluation of results, we will make a final proposal of the educational model for secondary school students.
5. We will publish a section of the injury prevention on our web site in English and Croatian language.


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