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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our plan is to increase driving education by carrying out the following non-profit actions:

  1. Compilation, design and creation of a complete online driving encyclopaedia, improving safety through driving education. Upon completion, the material will include basic driving signals, basic driving techniques (such as the correct use of roundabouts), advanced driving techniques for both motorcycles and cars (correct use of gears when driving uphill, downhill, etc.), comic strips for children on the safe use of zebra crossings and safe cycling, the proper techniques for securing cargo on trucks depending on the material, accident statistics, an accident photo gallery, how each mechanical part of a car works, self-assessment tests with scores, etc.
    The website will be in Greek and English, as there are large numbers of foreigners living permanently on the island. We plan to attract the public to our website through several advertisement schemes. Our objective is to reach 5,000 visitors a day.
    When the material on the website has reached a level that we deem adequate to proceed to a paper publication, we will print all the material that exists on the website, so that the driving encyclopaedia will be available to those members of the public who are not computer literate. Initially, approximately 20,000 copies will be distributed, at the cost of the publication, via the local printing companies to all newspaper stands and bookstores.
    Date of the action: January 2008 - December 2010.
  2. Creation of a radio show regarding road safety; this will comprise a set of 14 radio spots daily, with a different tip each day. The show will be broadcast on a national range radio station at prime time and late at night, every day throughout the year for a minimum of one year. We are currently involved in negotiation to acquire sponsorship and extend this to a minimum of three years.
    Hopefully, we will be in a position to do the same thing with a TV station in less than a year.
    Date of the action: January 2008, and other dates depending on results.
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