European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Association for Health and Safety

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Stemming from the fact that the Cyprus Association for Health and Safety (CYSHA) activities are involved with health and safety at work we consider the roads as the work area of all the workers.

As such, both companies as well as employees that use the roadwork need to make everything as ‘reasonably practicable’ to reduce the risk of road or other related accidents. This can only be achieved if public and private organisations have a comprehensive Road Safety Policy that it is communicated to every single member.


  1. As an Association of occupational health and safety professionals we commit to assist the companies and their employees to reduce the risk by:
    • Developing a comprehensive guidance on how companies which use the roads can develop their own Road Safety Policy
    • Publishing the guidance through the CYSHA web site
    • Organising specific seminars on how this guidance can be further developed and implemented
  2. Taking the previous commitment further we see that in Cyprus there is lack of understanding on how loads-cargos, need to be safely tied on trucks and lorries. Again this is essentially the responsibility of individual organisations as well as transport companies who in an effort to cut transportation time or through a sheer lack of knowledge of the risks encountered, they do not properly safeguard the loads on the truck.
    We commit that we will bring this issue in the public domain, raise its profile and begin a dialogue between all interested parties.
    This is going to be achieved trough:
    • A seminar under the auspices of the Minister of Transport and Works during which the subject is going to b analysed by CYSHA, The Ministry and the Police with all interested parties participating
    • Communicating the results of this seminar and discussion through published articles in newspapers, through our own periodical and our web site.

The time frame for both main actions is the duration of the current CYSHA board ie between September 2008 and November 2009. According to the new board’s, we will carry out those action for the following two years.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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