European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Automobile Association

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Cyprus Automobile Association is concerned about the great proportion of road fatalities among drivers involved in road accidents and insufficient initial training of young drivers and the need of further education for driver's licence holders. We are therefore committing to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions:

  1. Organise road safety campaigns aiming at young people through visiting primary and secondary schools, colleges of higher education, army barracks etc.
    1. We plan to visit once every three years all major schools as well as colleges of higher education comprising of more than 150 students.
    2. There are two army enlistment dates in Cyprus, one in July and one in January. About 11000 persons are enlisted every session. We plan to visit at least once per year each and every soldier training army barrack.
  2. Address road safety issues to the large number of non-European citizens residing in Cyprus by printing leaflets in respective native languages. In the 2009, we shall be distributing 50000 brochures in Turkish, addressing the Turkish Cypriots. We shall be distributing leaflets, 5000 in each language, addressing the different communities in Cyprus such as Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, and Russian etc.
  3. Promote awareness of using the seat belt through demonstrations with the seat belt slide. The Seat Belt Slide consists of a ramp and a seat which is let loose at the upper end of the slope with the riding passenger fastened by a seat belt. When let loose, it comes to an abrupt stop at the bottom end of the ramp simulating a 30 km-impact on an imaginary wall. The experience is such that the passenger will never take a car ride without a seat belt.
  4. Promote awareness of using child seats and harnesses. Together with our PR/Marketing office, we have already demonstrated the use of child seats in public places such as supermarkets. We plan to repeat the above venture by the end of 2009.
  5. Organise in situ checks on cars regarding condition of breaks, lights, tyres etc. These campaigns (with the help of the Police) are carried out in truck weighing stations and/or petrol stations where the driver answers a specific set of questions regarding the condition of the aforementioned items. Then, the vehicle is inspected and a form is filled up with the results that intend to inform the driver on safety and maintenance issues. We aim to inspect 1600 vehicles and the results will be presented to the House of Representatives for consideration.

We will be collaborating with the following organisations, Police, Ministry of Communications and Works, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Ministry of Defence, Motor Vehicle Importers' Association.

Our commitment will be for a three year period and we will review our actions year on year.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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