European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Organization For Standardization

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The Cyprus Organization for Standardization commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following action:

The organisation will distribute an informative leaflet that has as a main objective to raise awareness on issues related to road safety. The leaflets will encourage the promotion and implementation of standards by the automotive industry on the island.  The implementation of standards by the automotive industry results in the production of more high-tech and safer vehicles, while application of standards in the construction sector creates an improved road infrastructure in terms of quality and safety.
Various ways will be used to widely distribute the leaflet, such as:

a. Promotion in all the training/informative seminars and other events organized by the organisation. These seminars take place at conference rooms and are attended approximately by 1500 participants per year. Participants are engineers and SME managers including representatives of automotive and road construction companies on the island.
b. Promotion in educational institutions that the organisation is in close co-operation with (University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, Frederick University, University of Nicosia). Members of CYS will on specific dates distribute the leaflets to students.
c. Promotion in a special campaign organized in common with the Cyprus Police Force. This will take part in conjunction with the educational programs of the Police Force and the leaflet will be distributed during these events.
d. Pre-paid advertisement in the consumers' association magazine (currently has over 2000 subscribers).
e. Up loading in electronic form on the organisations web-site.

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