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Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Commitment renewed 2009 – 2012

Cyta commits to undertake the following actions in order to contribute to the target of the ERSC to improve road safety and decrease road accident victims by 50% until 2010:

  1. Cyta Car Fleet (800 vehicles)
    • To further upgrade safety specifications when ordering new company motor vehicles and to continuously upgrade safety standards, not only to comply with the "EU" specifications, but also to be equipped with the latest safety features as mandatory, such as Front and side air bags,ABS (antilock braking system), Seat belts with pretentioners, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), EBD System (Electronic Brake Distribution), Air conditioning system etc)
    • To ensure regular preventive maintenance of vehicles according to the manufacturers requirements, thus guaranteeing a high standard of safety.
    • To equip all Cyta's fleet with phosphorescent safety vests to be used by Cyta drivers in case of an emergency stop.
  2. Cyta Personnel
    • To provide continuous training on road safety to all Cyta personnel through specialised seminars, in order to cultivate road safety culture.
    • To provide, in addition, advanced specialised training to all Cyta drivers (i.e. 1200 Cyta employees who often use company vehicles) through courses covering subjects like mechanical aspects of vehicles, defensive driving, psychology of driving etc.
    • To provide legal, psychological (by Cyta's Social Worker) and medical support (by Cyta's Occupational Physist) to Cyta employees and their families in case they become victims of road accidents.
    • To offer as a corporate gift phosphorescent safety vests to all Cyta employees (including retired Cyta employees) to use in their private cars.
  3. Cyta's contribution to Society
    Focus on young people in order to cultivate road safety culture
    • To continue organising and providing free of charge specialised seminars to all soldiers of the Cyprus National Guard all over the country. This Cyta initiative started in 2004 (when Cyta signed the ERSC) and so far more than 25.000 soldiers have attended the seminar in their army camps.
    • To continue organising and providing free of charge specialised seminars to all 3rd Grade Lyceum students in Cyprus. This Cyta initiative started in 2005 and so far more than 30.000 students have attended the seminar in their schools.
    • To distribute as a gift phosphorescent safety vests to more than 1500 external recipients of the monthly Cyta Newsletter (media, partners, etc).
    • To organise innovative campaigns and other activities in order to create public awareness, such as:
      Event 1- Offer safety helmets to be distributed to the children who visit the Police Road Safety Park. The park is visited by appr. 20.000 pupils of primary schools from all over the country.
      Event 2- On a specific day, Gymnasium students - escorted by real Police Traffic Officers- to act as Traffic Wardens on main commercial roads of major cities of Cyprus and distribute mock tickets to citizens who offend the road traffic code. The mock tickets shall also include messages on Road Safety.
      Design, produce and distribute to pre-primary and primary schools all over Cyprus special publications of Cyta promoting Road Safety (i.e. Cyta Activity Booklet for Children, Wall Calendars).
      Further encourage Cyta's products and services (i.e Cytamobile Vodafone - mobile telephony service, Cytanet - internet provider service) to incorporate messages on Road Safety in their promotional campaigns.
      Production and distribution of corporate give-aways related to Road Safety (i.e. safety vests for bikes, phosphorescent umbrellas) on various occasions (i.e. support activities organised by governmental and private institutions).
    • To promote Cyta's commitment to the ERSC and all its related activities on Road Safety through the media, via press releases, press conferences, articles, interviews to radio and TV stations etc. i.e. Promote the use of a major Road Safety project of Cyta, the Cyta Flyover Pedestrian Crossing, which is located in the Capital of Cyprus, over a main avenue, connecting a High School and the Police Road Safety Park (a project of over €1m value).
  4. Measurements
    • To keep records of the number of road accidents involving Cyta' s vehicles, to provide statistical analysis to the management on those accidents and to investigate the cause of accidents in order to avoid their repetition.
    • To measure the effectiveness of the specialised seminars offered to Cyta staff, soldiers of the National Guard and 3rd Grade Lyceum students through questionnaires and telephone interviews.
    • To keep records of media coverage given to all Cyta activities on Road Safety.

Eventual partnerships in your commitment: Cyprus Government (Ministry of Communication & Works, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education & Culture), Cyprus Police Force

Number of people targeted by your action: All Cyprus population (appr.1 million), but mainly Cyta focuses on its staff and young people.


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