European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Tourism Organisation

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In Cyprus nearly a third of road accident fatalities involve foreign people who are visiting or working in the country.

The objective of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation is to provide useful information to foreign visitors in Cyprus in order to increase their awareness on road safety issues making in this way a small contribution to the effort of our country to save human lives by reducing road accidents.

We will issue and circulate a specialised leaflet 'keep safe on Cyprus roads' on road safety in Cyprus specifically targeted to foreign visitors. We will work in collaboration with the Police force and Car rental companies and will produce and distribute 60,000 each year. The leaflet will be published in 6 languages every year (Greek, English. French, German, Russian and Arabic 10,000 for each language).

It will be available at the Headquaters in Nicosia, 5 inspectors offices and 14 information offices in Cyprus and 22 offices abroad

We will also make the leaflets available on the Cyprus Tourism Organisation website

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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