European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc believes it's our obligation to act upon road safety issues. Therefore we commit to the follow:
Our company has a large fleet of vehicles due to its operations.
We will ensure that all of our drivers are properly trained and attend seminars that deal with road safety which is outside of our normal training for fleet vehicle drivers. We program seminars for our staff (vehicle drivers) once or twice a year. The seminar lasts one day and it is usually programmed for 8 hours. The seminar will trained the vehicle drivers on the following crucial issues:
o          Alcohol and driving,
o          Traffic accidents and the reasons behind them,
o          Safe driving
o          Obligations of drivers related with the law
o          Psychology and driving
The trainer will elaborate on the above issues and use specific examples. In addition the trainer will use videos during the training in order to show the significance of driving safely and preventing road accidents.
Our Fleet Managers are responsible for the vehicles safety and in association with the Human Resource Department they are accountable for the training of the drivers. The Human Resource Department is responsible for the set up of the training and making sure that the training will take place as planned. Furthermore, the HR Department will have to make sure that all the drivers will attend the trainings every year.
The number of people targeted by action will be 500, moreover, the company will communicate road safety issues to all personnel through emails and flyers. Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc will make sure that all staff is informed for any actions that will take place regarding road safety issues. 


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