European Road Safety Charter

Dali Municipality

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In order to reduse the traffic accident Dali Municipality inprove the following actions:


1.  Reconstructing and upgrading of the main roads in the area of the Municipality.


2.  Ensure a concrete budget for a modern, safe road network.


3.  Identification of hazardous locations in the road network and remove the causes of risk.


4.  A public information campaign for the care and proper operation of vehicles in circulation, the proper implementation of traffic rules by both drivers and pedestrians though of traffic education.  Organization of seminars, puplications in local newpaper.


5.  Reconstruction and repair of sidewalks.


6.  Construction of elevated crossings near schools.


7.  The City Council is considering a plan to upgrade the lighting of all roads and pedestrian crossings, as well as, the creation of new crossings.


8.  Creation of new parking places to prevent dangerous parking.


9.  Continuous policing by Municipal Traffic Wardens and imposition of lines for illegal parking.



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