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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Over the next three years, our association will continue carrying out the following actions:
DEKRA - caps for children just starting school
"        We will keep distributing about 50,000 highly visible DEKRA caps with reflective elements to the children in their first school year. This will help to protect the most vulnerable group in traffic situations. A folder "10 points for finding the safe way to school" will be given to parents.
Bicycle Safety Check for school children
"        DEKRA will keep offering free safety checks for bicycles in at least 200 schools across Germany every year. Targeted are bicycles of children in their first school years. DEKRA experts will gladly visit the school at an appointed time.
Campaign "Safety Check" for young drivers
"        DEKRA will provide at least 2,000 free safety checks each year for vehicles of young drivers (18 to 24 years old). This service will be made available via at least 50 local DEKRA subsidiaries throughout Germany.
DEKRA publication on "Technical safety considerations in road traffic situations - International strategies to avoid accidents"
"        The forthcoming publication of DEKRA on "Technical safety considerations in road traffic situations - International strategies to avoid accidents" will be made available not only to public authorities, the automotive industry and other traditional recipients but also to all signatories of the European Road Safety Charter as well as any other interested party.
Company Certificate "Safety in Bus Operations"
"        In collaboration with other parties DEKRA will keep promoting the certificate for "Safety in Bus Operations" to bus and coach companies. This will provide an incentive across the board to raise safety levels even further.
Collision-avoidance Systems
DEKRA wants the vision of the "Zero-Accident-Vehicle" to become a reality. To that end DEKRA will keep working together with manufacturers and suppliers to support the development of the "Zero-Accident-Vehicle". DEKRA also will support the creation of new type approval standards for these cutting edge technologies.



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