European Road Safety Charter

Deutsche Werbewelt/ Jörg Füllengraben

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Children are unpredictable in their behaviour and also more vulnerable in the road than adults. Therefore, children require special protection from the dangers on our roads. In order to reduce accidents in general, but mostly the ones involving children, we have set ourselves in cooperation with the Landesverkehrswacht NRW, with help from other companies, to significantly improve the safety of children in road traffic.
For this reason we sign the European Road Safety Charter with the following commitment:
In order to raise awareness of Road Safety, we will distribute fluorescent vests to all children in the first year of primary school (6-7 year old) in our city - Minimum of 1.000 vests.
While doing so, we will also raise awareness with Schools' directors and teachers about the need to protect children on the road and how to inform them and their parents, by meetings or by information letters. 
We will renew the action after the first year according to evaluation and resources. Our ultimate goal is to reach the 800.000 children starting school in Germany each year. 


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