European Road Safety Charter

DjeCa-Djecije Carstvo-Udruženje za zaštitu i sigurnost djece

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

During the next three years, we will increase the safety of children in traffic through a number of projects, the first of which involves reducing child injury and deaths through the use of child car seats and booster seats.

  1. Our plan is to implement the project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will focus on children up to the age of 12, involving parents as a separate social category, health practitioners (paediatricians, gynaecologists and midwives), the Ministry of Home Affairs (traffic police) and driving schools. We plan to reach 50,000 people from the above-mentioned target group through an informative and educational media campaign, which will include broadcasting video clips, handing out free brochures, large-format posters strategically placed at popular locations and seminars. Through this project, we seek to raise public awareness of the importance of using child car seats and achieve a significant reduction in the number of deadly and serious injuries among children as a result of traffic accidents.
  2. Our aim is to become involved in current road safety issues on the European level and provide relevant information about road safety in English, not only for Bosnian citizens, but also for other European countries. On our website/portal (, we will publish road safety information in English. We also plan to activate a visit counter on our portal in order to find out how many visitors it receives per day.

We will focus mainly on information regarding child safety in traffic, promoting greater use of reflective items and appropriate education of school-age children about safety and possible dangers on the road, as well as traffic accident-related injuries and safe road use.
Also, we are in process of developing a database on all of the child restraint systems available on the European market. The main goal of this database is to provide basic information to help parents find suitable car seats for their children.

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