European Road Safety Charter

Driver Dynamics Pty Ltd

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We at Driver Dynamics (Australia) are very keen to share our good practice with drivers in Europe, as we feel that information exchange will lead to greater knowledge on both sides. We therefore undertake to research and write two articles a year, to be published online on our website. During our commitment period, we will make a concerted effort to forge links with European organisations that could publish our articles on their websites (or at least offer a link to our website), so our articles can reach even more interested European readers.

We are especially interested in the following areas and plan to expand further on these in our articles:

  • The correct systems of car control: seating, vision, and steering.
  • Correct braking techniques for both ABS and non-ABS vehicles.
  • Skid causes, basic skid control, and skid prevention.
  • Raising the drivers’ level of awareness in relation to speed, reaction times and stopping distances.
  • Develop an understanding of basic vehicle dynamics in emergency situations.
  • Learn to predict potential hazards, identify risk situations and minimise danger.
  • Understand the importance of keeping vision high and maintaining sensible safety margins around the vehicle at all times.
  • Develop a positive and proactive attitude towards defensive driving.

Through these articles, we will be adding to the road safety information available to both European and Australian drivers.

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