European Road Safety Charter

Du Pont de Nemours Europe

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The reduction of fatalities can be achieved through effective management systems including training, auditing, measuring and benchmarking with World-class leaders in driving safety. Whereas the technical efforts will be resourced by a Traffic Safety Team, compliance with our programs is considered a line responsibility.

DuPont will develop specifications and implement training for its drivers in the region. Theoretical classroom or e-training on defensive driving will be given to all employees involved in driving, including occasional drivers. Practical training on defensive driving will be given to all 2,500 professional drivers in the region.

Effectiveness of this training will be verified through internal and external “checkrides”. Frequencies of these audits will vary depending on exposure and individual performance, up to 4 a year by person.

All traffic accidents will be investigated to their root cause and overall driving performance will be monitored based on accidents and exposure.

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