European Road Safety Charter

Engomi Municipality

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Through the European Road Safety Charter, Engomi Municipality, will adopt the following measures, during the next 3 years:
1.             Promote the use of transportation means friendly to the environment (bus/bicycle/walking).
2.          Extend by 5 km the existing road bicycle network in order to encourage cycling for health/sport purposes and as a means of transport and also link the universities/secondary schools in Engomi with corresponding institutions in greater Nicosia.
3.          Will cover the remaining 3,3 km of 2 major man made rainwater channels, also passing through neighbouring municipalities (Strovolos, Ayios Dometios, Lakatamia), construct on top 2 separate cycle/ pedestrian tracks (result: total 5,6 km of each separate track).
4.          A public bike hiring company owned by 7 municipalities (including Engomi) will service the greater Nicosia with 27 stations/315 bicycles (start June 2011).
5.        Traffic calming measures (road humps/lowering speed limit) construction works start in May 2011.
           To control excessive vehicle speeding/eliminate nuisance caused during late night hours on Griva Digheni    avenue, will construct road humps, upgrade police speed control, install surveillance cameras (Government, Police, Municipality).
 6.      Stricter control of illegal parking by Traffic Wardens outside schools/problematic areas (e.g. Government buildings).
7.       The pioneering idea of pupils “walking bus” will be applied the   year 2011-2012, for 2 primary schools (Makedonitissa A’ & C’).
8.        Construction of 14 km new pavements started on 2011. Will also upgrade commercial Lykavitou avenue (1,5 km) with improved facilities (disabled persons, parking, crossing, lighting, etc) and install 59 bus shelters throughout Engomi.
9.        Encourage private sector to invest in public use parking places by offering motives.
10.     Will pedestrianise certain Historic Centre important streets and convert some into 1-way traffic (Revival Scheme).
11.      Will organize traffic safety seminars for schools, in collaboration with Police.
12.      Stricter control of road Contractors to Health/Safety plans.



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Engomi's urban area is mainly residential and excessive vehicle (cars/motorcycles) speeding not only endangers people's lives but also causes nuisence and environmental pollution.

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Ministries of Public Works and Education, Police and all Organisations that signed the European Road Safety Charter.

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