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During the next academic year (2011 - 2012), EUC plans to organize a number of activities aiming at awareness raising and education on road safety issues. Although the main target of activities will be the university students, EUC will ensure that other relevant stakeholders, such as the Cyprus Police, the associations of driving instructors, the Ministry of Communication and Works, as well as private organizations, will play an active role in the organization and implementation of the activities.

More specifically, the following activities are foreseen to take place at the University:


a. Road safety workshops targeting youth


b. A road safety workshop targeting driving instructors


c. A Road Safety Day that will include dissemination of relevant material, broadcasting of educational films, displays of vehicles engaged in fatal road accidents, and lectures.


These activities will focus mainly on the three major causes of fatal accidents among the youth, namely excessive speeding, careless driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with the Research Center, will be responsible for the planning and development of the aforementioned initiatives.


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Road traffic accidents have been one of the major social problems in Cyprus for a long time. The road fatalities are more common among young people, with speeding, careless driving, and excessive alcohol levels being the major causes of serious accidents and death. EUC is committed to educate and raise awareness both among its students and the general public on road safety issues.

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