European Road Safety Charter

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In all our publications - "trans aktuell", "lastauto omnibus", "Fernfahrer" and "Firmenauto" - we regularly publish articles about the necessity of all aspects of road safety.
With these articles we try to make aware the road haulers and drivers of the following subjects:
  • new technologies: the effects of driver assistance systems in the trucks
  • safety regulations: driving and rest times, digital tachograph, road controls
  • education: driver trainings, cargo security
By signing the European Road Safety Charter for another 3 years we commit to the following actions:
  • We will publish an article on road safety in our main magazine “trans aktuell” at least in every second release (approximately 12 articles a year). 
  • Every six months, we will organise road safety conferences in association with Dekra and our regional organisation of forwarders.


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