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Over the next few years, we will continue to develop the project (the website receives approximately 140 visits per month).
The project was designed in order to promote, through the website, information and dissemination and cultural, civil and social development among children, creating relational contexts that facilitate communication and the development of training activities by means of a recreational/educational approach, thus enhancing, together with parents at home, the road safety education work done at school. In addition, it contributes, through targeted actions, to the creation of a road safety culture as a necessary component of education. This is why we wish to strengthen and diversify our offer and the training activity opportunities for young people, also in relation to age, attitudes and individual abilities. In particular, we aim to promote and prepare activities for young people who have not yet passed the driving test. The materials posted on the website, in addition to the thematic study and games links, feature an attractive logo of the main character. We intend to complete the section on a virtual road sign course.
In addition, we will continue to provide information on road safety though our website (, which receives approximately 1,600 visits per month.


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