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Our aim is to reduce the number of fatal accidents for drivers under 25 years old by increasing the awareness of young drivers regarding the physical boundaries of the road-vehicle-driver system. In order to achieve this we will use computer simulation, which will simulate various driving conditions in a virtual 3D environment. The results obtained from the computer simulation will provide an insight to young drivers of the relationship between parameters such as mass, speed, road curvature, emergency manoeuvres, control systems etc and vehicle handling, stability, stopping distance, crash severity etc. For the next three years:
1)       We will organize once a year within Frederick University and aiming our students (more than 2500) events during which we will present case studies using computer simulations. Some of the case studies will consider real life accidents that will be provided by the police department or other European Road Safety Charter members such as the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre. For each case study the participants of the event will have to write down on a special paper form their prediction regarding the performance of the vehicle and afterwards compare it with the actual performance. The paper form will be used to extract useful information and statistics regarding the perception of young drivers of various driving situations. Finally, we will publish stories and lessons learned from the events we have organized using our Web Page and Newsletter.
2)    We will participate in and organize once a year similar events in Universities abroad. For this we will use our current networking with Universities such as the Seinajoki University in Finland, the National Technical University of Athens, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, High Institute of Engineering in Lisbon, Vienna University of Technology, etc. Furthermore, we will extend our networking with other European Universities, transfer our knowledge and try to initiate similar events.



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