European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, in order to emphasise the problems related to vehicle overloading, we will carry out an initiative to raise awareness among the professional drivers of ten companies/associations:

  1. We will launch a “Stop Overloading” campaign, which will involve more than 10,000 truck drivers and transport operators. We will cooperate with at least two vehicle manufacturers and two associations representing manufacturers and transporters. This campaign will include two meetings at each of the 10 transport companies to inform employees about safe loading.
  2. We will share our experience and spread the results of the campaign and the meetings mainly through our website and press articles, and we are confident that the format will provide a good example of how to improve traffic safety awareness in Europe.
    We will publish, twice a year, at least two articles in the Kamyonum and Tasiyanlar magazines (which have a readership of 10,000) about safe loading.
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