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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Our company aims to contribute to the growing awareness of road safety in Cyprus. The actions to achieve this are the following:
1. Promotion of public awareness messages, The Company will rent an outdoor board on an annual basis, on the main highway, where we will place a message relevant to road safety. In addition, when the Company will be running a motor insurance campaign and will use outdoor boards, we will reserve one or two boards for the promotion of road safety.
2. Design and distribute an information leaflet on road safety, to increase public awareness. The Company will print an information leaflet with messages on road safety. The leaflet will be sent to all new motor insurance clients. Also it will be distributed to the 145 Bank of Cyprus branches. We estimate that in total we will print and distribute approximately 100,000 advertising leaflets.
3. We will organise road safety awareness events for the public that will provide the public with road safety information. The event will take place at a main road in Nicosia in 2010. At the event we will be handing out our information leaflets as well as the neon wristbands.
4. We informed the Union of Cyprus Municipalities in writing to advise them of our decision to supply its members with safety vests for all school traffic wardens. We will supply fourteen municipalities with approximately 150 vests. Our commitment is that we will continue to supply the school traffic wardens with safety vests in the future.
5. We will provide road safety arm bands to the public. The Company will order 15,000 neon wristbands. These will be distributed to all elementary schools. Furthermore they will be handed out as gifts to the Bank of Cyprus Employees Children's Christmas party.
6. The Company, in cooperation with the Cyprus Police, will organise training sessions at the road safety park, which is run by the Cyprus Police, for the children of all Bank of Cyprus Group employees. The training sessions will take place on Saturdays, for children that are five years old or older. We will be sending out approximately 2500 invitations.


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