European Road Safety Charter

German Road Safety Council - Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat.e.V (DVR)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


1. Together with the "German Safety Tour" (road safety campaign organised by the German insurers and DVR - Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat.e.V ) and with support from the motorcycle magazines Tourenfahrer and Motorradfahrer, the DVR and the UDV (Accident Research Insurer Institution) have developed an action that is meant to make motorcyclists more aware of everyday dangers over the next three years. The project started in 2008 when the first German Safety Team was put together.
The aim is to clearly express defensive and cooperative driving practices, partly in order to set off other road users' inappropriate behaviour. The accompanying evaluation shows that motorcyclists fully accept road safety trainings and that these measures help to raise awareness of everyday dangers in a targeted way.
For the next three years, the DVR commits to provide instructors all over Germany with sufficient road safety trainings on the street. The DVR will continue to ensure that there is enough advertisement of the "German Safety Tour" as well as the yearly increase in training of 10-15% and that an accompanying evaluation is carried out.
2. Through demographic changes there is undoubtedly a clear percentage increase in the number of older road-users (especially lorry drivers).
Older individuals as pedestrians or cyclists are classified among weaker road-users that are especially at risk and require special protection. The DVR and its members offer all older road-users - regardless of the means of transport they use - workshops that aim at helping them remain mobile as long and as safely as possible. The workshops will be conducted by instructors with special training. The participants will actively discuss their individual traffic problems in rounds of talks. At each session, performance and health as well as the relationships/conflicts between road users will be addressed.
The DVR commits to raising the number of events from 7,665 (2007) and 7,929 (2008) to 9,000 by 2010, and to maintain this as the minimum number from 2011 onwards.
3. Key actions directed to companies: the DVR has been implementing preventative measures within companies since 1982. This year's key action is, once again, concerned with the theme "Inside the city - Living safely together!" Classic media such as informational brochures, posters and advertisement templates, as well as a CD-ROM, will be employed for the key action. In addition to text files, the CD-ROM includes an informative and entertaining graphics section, a tried and tested sweepstakes and a website. Extensive instructional materials for in-house training and self-instruction are also included.
For the next three years, the DVR commits to join in key actions of the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung's (German Social Accident Insurance) campaign "Risk begone!" to attain greater synergetic effects and to address more people. Apart from the in-house measures in private companies, the key actions will also be offered in publicly-run institutions such as schools, universities, administrations and so forth.



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