European Road Safety Charter

HAK - Hrvatski autoklub

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1) During the next three years we will organize traffic education contests with pupils aged 10-12 year. Approximately 20000 pupils will participate in this contest every year. Two best ranked girls and boys participate on FIA European Traffic Education Contest.
2) During the first week of the new school year we will organize the campaign for new pupils and their parents, advising them how to come safely from their home to school and back. For this purpose we will publish a brochure with recommendations how to behave on the streets, which will be distributed to every pupil in the country, together with some reflective equipment. We plan to distribute 50 000 copies of brochures.
3) In every region of the country, we will organize events for kids and their parents, which are strongly supported by media. For this purpose we also made leaflets with advises, and warnings, for pupils, their parents and drivers, which are distributed in schools, on city streets etc. We plan to distribute 50 000 reflective materials, 200 000 leaflets and 5 000 posters.
4) On our web site we will publish in English various kinds of road information (on motorway tolls, speed limits, winter equipment, DRL (daytime running lights)... different information of interest to foreign motorists...). We plan also to place there parts of our highway code that could be of interest to foreign visitors.


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