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Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Through the European Road Safety Charter Programme, we, ''The Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd'', want to improve road safety by adopting the following measures during the next three years:

  1. Offer scholarships to officials of the Ministry of Education and Culture to oversee seminars on traffic Education in schools.

    Hellenic Petroleum will take a pro-active step to educate children on road safety. We have realized that even if the children want to learn about road safety the teachers sometimes do not have the ability to educate children on such topics. Thus we will offer scholarships to officials of the Ministry of Education and Culture to organise and oversee teaching lessons on traffic Education in schools

  2. Issue books on road safety for all 6 grades of the elementary school aiming to educate the future drivers to engage defensive driving.
  3. Sponsor the Road Safety Park (Miniature City) located at Police's head quarters in which students can learn about road safety and its rules in a pleasant environment.
    Since road conscience begins from a small age we have concentrated our efforts in educating children. In order to help save the lives of the parents and the children that are dying in car related crashes, and promote healthy families and communities, Hellenic Petroleum will sponsor the road safety park (Miniature City) located at the Cyprus Police headquarters in which the elementary and high school pupils are taken for Educational trips accompanied by their teachers. The students have the chance to drive small cars and learn the traffic rules and signs through the game and under the guidance of the traffic department employees.
  4. Sponsor ''peer education'' seminars in which young drivers who have been involved in road accidents present their experience to learner drivers. This will be achieved with the cooperation of the Module Close to Programme supported by the European Commission
    The group seminars have started within the ranks of the Cyprus Army and at the end of this year we hope to 'educate' at least 1.000 soldiers. The age group that will be targeted by the Module Close - To programme is 18-25.
  5. Organize the PanCyprian seminar on Road Safety with the cooperation of the Traffic Department of the Cyprus Police.
    We are the only sponsors of the PanCyprian road safety seminar organized by the Cyprus Police which focuses on traffic safety measures.
  6. Distribution of various leaflets, information on road safety to our customers and to staff on throughout our 78 sites, publication of articles on the web and offer defensive driving lessons to the employees.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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