European Road Safety Charter

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Road safety related research and usage of its results will be integrated into our study program's projects and thesis for selected individuals and/or group of students. This will mean including road safety content to approximately in total of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits per year.
The road safety content will be implemented in different studies by conducting research based on interviews and web based surveys that the students will make for young people mostly of age 19-24 and for the university's staff. The research data will be analysed using statistical methods.
Based on the research results the students and the staff who has been involved in each project will produce materials for several purposes:
  • Materials for briefing sessions that are hold for students and staff.
  • The results will be made available for the use of road safety improvement planning through our open and internal internet portals.
  • By using the results and with our own know-how we will evaluate our own local traffic environment and its potentially dangerous spots.
  • The research will to some extent produce appropriate material that can be handed out to the use of traffic safety engineers or other authorities in different cities and for the use of media in order for them to write about road safety issues and/or publish the information as articles.

The basic data will be collected during each academic calendar year from August to June, and we will use the produced material for different campaigns as soon as it becomes available and also during following years. Our main target group for campaigns will be especially new students, without forgetting our older students and staff. 



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