Carta europea della sicurezza stradale

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our actions are aimed at children and their parents.
We want to reinforce the knowledge and responsibility for road safety issues.

The issues we will be dealing with will be as follows:

- The Rules of the Road (regulations and road signs)
- The most frequent dangers on the road
- The causes of road accidents

During the three years of our participation in European Road Safety charter we will organise:
1. Road safety practical session - excursions to observe and participate in road traffic, - 2 sessions per year
2. Road safety teaching games, songs and rhymes - 4 events per year
3. Talks about road safety issues - 1 per month
4. Posters: school road safety, pedestrian safety, playing safety, passenger safety

The goals
- To get children from 3 to 16 year old into the habit of caring about their road safety
- To get parents into the habit of using seatbelt or booster seats for their children
- To help raise family and community awareness of the dangers to children of reversing vehicles.

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