European Road Safety Charter

HMB-Reflektoren AG

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
- We will organize informative meetings, using demonstrations and videos highlighting the road safety issues and how passive reflecting markings on suitable pedestrian crossing points help reducing dangers. These meetings will take place on demand of regional institutions or encouragement of private persons who draw our attention to confusing and dangerous pedestrian crossings. We are planning to organize at least one demonstration per week.
- We will invite the authorities to our presentations where they will have the opportunity to see the advantages of passive reflecting markings for private cars
- Regularly, every two to three weeks, we will hold road safety lectures in various cantons and municipalities. Participants will be road construction professionals responsible for signalization of police departments and municipalities responsible. Number of participants: 5-25.
- Our actions will be supported by local TV stations; they will appear in regular articles in newspapers and the TCS(Touring Club Switzerland)-Review.
- Road Cross (Swiss Foundation of road victims and our collaborators) reports to its members about confusing pedestrian crossings. We will receive this report too and will immediately contact local authorities, in order to improve the situation.
Apart from the office in Switzerland we have our representations in Germany, Luxemburg, Austria and Hungary. Therefore, we are going to publish road safety information not only in national languages, but also in English.
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