European Road Safety Charter

Infra ry

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Infra ry commits to improve road safety particularly among infrastructure sector workers. We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter for the years 2010-2013.
1. Infra ry's member companies' employees will participate in road safety courses which draw attention to safe working conditions at construction sites and to safe traffic management in order to minimize the risk of accidents.
The courses are compulsory for all construction site workers and include a final exam. The courses are offered by various educational institutions throughout the country and approximately 1000-2000 employees will participate in the courses yearly.
2. Infra ry has developed a checklist kind of safety evaluation and development tools. With the help of these tools good and poor traffic safety conditions can be identified. One of the section of the evaluation system focuses especially on the safety of external vehicle and pedestrian traffic arrangements. It aims for safer traffic conditions and for minimising accident probability in the surroundings of construction sites. The tool can be downloaded from infra ry's website free of charge:
We will offer training on the use of the tools and promote their use by organising annual road safety related competitions between businesses. The winners are awarded and given public recognition through e.g. newspaper articles.
3. The Infra ry's member companies will explore new ways to reduce the speed of traffic nearby construction sites. These include speed monitors mounted on asphalt spreader vehicles, enabling drivers to detect speeding. Experience has shown that the vehicle speed is reduced as a result speed displays. Experiments will also include placement of cones to warn in advance if the temporal transport lanes are too close to the construction site workers.

4. Infra ry will organize enhanced traffic control at construction sites and their surroundings together with the worker organizations and the police once a year. The aim is to reduce the speed of vehicles nearby the construction sites and to communicate about the safety problems widely to the media, including raising awareness through radio interviews, newspaper articles and TV programs on local channels.


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