European Road Safety Charter

Institut za Puteve a.d - Highway Institute

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
  1. We will set up, at least three times a year at the Highway Institute, three-hour lessons about road design safety for all those involved in the engineering field. Lessons will be taught by road safety experts (25-30 engineers) from our company and will include the following topics:
    accident analysis, forgiving roads, self-explaining roads, road design consistency, traffic calming, safety barriers, speed management, traffic signalling and infrastructure matters.
    We expect between 30 and 50 people to participate in each lesson.
    We commit to carry out the action plan for the following three years. We also hope that we will expand our road safety activities during this period.
  2. We will organise a seminar about road planning and design problems and solutions in Serbia. We expect over 150 people to attend this three-day event. The seminar will be organised in cooperation with the Civil Engineering Faculty of Belgrade.
  3. We will publish an annual summary of our road safety activities (300 copies) and a specific newsletter will be posted on the company website.

All of the aforementioned activities will be free of charge.

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