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Institute DRIVING

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The Institute DRIVING will focus on future drivers and young people road safety education. In the following three years Institute DRIVING will perform the following tasks which will help to raise social awareness and better road traffic safety:
    * Within the campaign "I'm still driving - but not walking" (referring to our members’ personal experience) we will additionally provide free informal educational workshops for youth from the age of 15 - 19 years old. We expect to have approximately 50.000 participants.
Our other actions will include:
    * Creation of an interactive website for young people, where they will find answers to questions concerning road safety; there will also be a possibility to talk to victims of road accidents and learn about consequences of irresponsible driving.
    * Organising various road safety events - meetings for road safety professionals, courses, symposiums, congresses, seminars, technical workshops, campaigns, youth exchange programs and etc.
    * Implementation of the project "Better driving school" where the driving schools will be awarded with certificate on a base of pre-set standards. We will award driving schools with this certificate if they include innovative education on road safety prevention in their classes.  
    * Demonstration of an active engagement in rehabilitation of people with disabilities that are consequence of traffic accidents and their direct involvement in the program. This program is very important not only because it gives innovation approach to education on road safety but also because it is important for social inclusion of disabled people. It gives them great hope and motivation in life.
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