European Road Safety Charter

La Prévention Routière Internationale - PRI (International Road Safety Organisation)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

PRI (Prévention Routière Internationale) is a global association of which national and international organisations related to Road Safety are member. Various of them are signatories of the European Road Safety Charter as well.
As an umbrella organisation PRI will continue to facilitate exchange of knowledge, experiences, best practices and worse cases between members and between members and other stakeholders in the field of road safety.

Furthermore, we commit to develop the following activity for the coming years:
With partners we have developed a low cost and web based software tool (“Report System”)for Road Safety Organizations, NGO’s, PRI members, to collect data about locations and roads, which are indicated by citizens as unsafe (experiences). With this information a NGO can execute its advocacy role. Because the data are collected systematic and are reliable, the NGO will be an interesting and respected consulting partner for national, regional and local authorities. Moreover, the NGO can also develop local road safety projects (safe school way, safety in residential areas, etc.) based on these data (unsafe spots or roads, speed information) coming from residents.

For authorities it is also interesting. Because if they join in the process, they can develop a policy and execute measures based on a combination of objective data (crash statistics), subjective data (experiences of citizens about unsafe spots, roads and areas) and speed.

We will disseminate information about this tool to all organisations that could be interested in it by sending emails to our contacts, publishing articles when possible and presenting the tool in conferences and workshops.
When organisations want to implement the tool(s), they will be supported in its use and the development of organizational requirements.

We intend to make a follow-up of its use so that we can evaluate to which extend the tool has contributed to facilitate our partners’ prevention activities.



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