European Road Safety Charter

Laiki Insurance

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Commitment renewed 2009 – 2012
Laiki Insurance for the last nine years has been actively involved in Road Safety matters.

From 2009 to 2011, we will continue the campaign of 2008, addressing the children of pre-school and school age and their parents.

Educational visits throughout the year will be made to Kindergartens and schools by executives of Laiki Insurance and the Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters who will present a simulator, an innovative and educational game developed by Laiki Insurance that promotes the use of seat belts.

20,000 information leaflets about the messages of our campaign will be distributed to Kindergartens and paediatricians.

A Road Safety function, which every year is attended by thousands of children and their parents, will be organised at the Road Traffic Training Park of the Cyprus Police. During the function, the children will be trained on the basic rules of road safety by the use of small toy cars, bicycles and educational games. Laiki Insurance will present to the children the innovative simulator with a small car and eggs, adjusted to the road safety rules and regulations and the game "snakes and ladders", which were received with particular interest by the audience in previous years. Bicycles, helmets, MP3 and DVD players will be given as awards to the children, who will be the lucky winners of the competition regarding road safety matters that Laiki Insurance organises each year.

Executives of Laiki Insurance and the Traffic Department of Police Headquarters will participate in TV and radio panel discussions.
Laiki Insurance website will promote Road Safety messages @

A press conference will be held, during the Road Safety week, at the Conference Hall of the Road Traffic Training Park. Furthermore, Laiki Insurance and the Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters will jointly organise various functions during "The 2009 Road Safety week" aiming to convey the message that "Road safety concerns peoples' lives and is the responsibility of all of us"
We will fully utilise the findings of the research carried out by the University of Cyprus concerning road safety.

Laiki Insurance will continue as major sponsor to the EC funded Road Safety Project "Module Close To" which is about to be implemented in Cyprus and 10 other European countries.
"Module Close To" is a three-year project, which has started in April 2007. The project is targeting the young drivers’ aged 18-25 and uses emotional learning as a preventive measure to be incorporated in the current European driving education system. This project aims at changing the attitude of young drivers and thus substantially reducing the number of accidents.
Laiki Insurance will continue developing educational leaflets, toys and materials, and will continue the competition for children on road safety matters.

We will continue our internal campaign, sending relevant Road Safety messages to more than 2.500 Laiki Group employees, via internal emails.

Number of people targeted by your action: 100.000 young people building road safety culture and the whole population of Cyprus for the safe use of their vehicles in the Cyprus roads

Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.) yearly:

  • 5.000 phosphorescent armbands
  • 3.000 phosphorescent vests

2 type of leaflets yearly:

  1. Module close to (We sponsored the program)
  2. 20.000 Training leaflets for the competition of road safety

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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