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The association seeks to protect lives on the street. It was established and is coordinated by Angela Gio Ferrari, author of the book "Graffiti dell'anima", which uses photographs to recount the suffering of the families and friends of people admitted to hospital, in order to raise awareness among young people about the problem of road safety through prevention. The initial idea for the book has become a kind of moral commitment, made concrete through a series of travelling conferences. 
As such, over the next three years:
We will hold conferences at schools and municipal premises in Italy in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility, caution and awareness of young people in relation to road safety. Based on the hard-hitting ethical and moral issues contained within the pages of "Graffiti dell'anima", we will deal with issues such as increasing the sense of responsibility and caution among young people; providing ethical/emotional education through direct contact with witnesses, i.e. those whose lives have been changed as a result of a road accident; raising awareness about the physical (brain, spinal cord and traumatology), psychological and emotional harm linked to road accidents; and changing attitudes to risk.
We plan to hold some 30 conferences per year and raise awareness among approximately 5,000 young people per year, in addition to involving driving school points recovery courses (adults should also be convinced about the importance of ethical/moral/emotional road safety education).



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