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Our aim is to have fewer accidents by promoting a safer means of city-transport: cycling. We will therefore organise the following activities as part of our participation in European Road Safety Charter in 2010-2013:
1. In February 2010 we organised two Winter cleaning actions to improve the cycling conditions in Ljubljana. We have cleaned cycling paths from snow and the events were covered by two newspapers and two radio stations. We will organise similar events in oncoming winters, when snow will cover cycling tracks. The idea is to increase awareness of street conditions and their affect on cycling safety.
2. We will participate in the European Mobility week. This activity is still under planning, but our participation will deal with encouraging more people to cycle while going about the city on any occasion and giving information about safe cycling in e.g. encourage people to drive in the correct direction, use cycling lights, behave responsibly in traffic. We will also encourage use of cycling helmets.
3. We will publish several road safety related articles on our internet site. The articles will mostly talk about the handling and behaviour of cyclist in intersections and on ordinary bike paths. A traditional article we produce is named: 'Cycling Traps in Ljubljana'. This article identifies positions in the cycling infrastructure network, which prove to be hazardous. The aim is to inform cyclists about the dangers on their way, as well as inform the city authorities about the dangerous parts of the cycling network.
4. We will continuously intend to create a safer cycling infrastructure in the city. We do this by:
- Informing the city authorities about the possible improvements in the maintenance of cycling infrastructure, proposals for new cycling paths and information about those cycling paths that create a risk to cyclists or pedestrians. We use internet and face-to-face communication and our participation to the Civitas Elan program of the municipality (, where will present our views of how to create a safer, complete and more comfortable cycling infrastructure, in order to get as many people as possible to switch from cars to cycles as well as to public transport and walking.



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