European Road Safety Charter

Louis Group

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our road safety action plan aims to reduce deaths caused by traffic accidents occurring daily in the streets of Cyprus and Europe. Therefore, we have drawn up the following actions in order to improve user behaviour:

  1. Louis Group decided to name 2008 the Year for Road Safety Awareness as part of its corporate social responsibility policy:

    a) We will set up a press conference to announce the campaign and describe the actions that will be taken throughout the year: all TV channels, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and radio stations will be invited to attend.
    b) We will print leaflets to be handed out to all passengers checking in for their return flights home along with their boarding passes. Louis Tourist Agency deals with more than 30 airlines in the airports of Larnaca and Paphos in Cyprus. Hundred of thousands of Europeans will thus receive the message of the campaign and be made aware of the European Road Safety Charter programme. A banner directly linking the charter webpage will be placed on the eight websites of the group.

  2. A 30-second TV advert has been prepared based on the Once Upon A Time concept. The spot is silent and the messages feature in white letters on a black background. An example of the wording is: Once upon a time, a person was driving under the influence of alcohol. One day, etc. The messages then state that, although it sounds like a fairytale, this is the crude reality. The spot ends with the message “Get Home Safely” and then the logo of the European Road Safety Charter appears. The aim is to shock viewers and make them realise that, contrary to what they might think (“this will never happen to me”), the danger is real. We will also give the artwork and production to the traffic division of the Cyprus police force to use freely. The 30-second spot will be aired on local TV stations, while the printed versions will be given to local press.
  3. a) The Once Upon a Time… Drink Driving Kills campaign will be printed and published in the Louis Cruise Lines news bulletin, which is placed in all cabins on board all our cruise ships on a daily basis. The hundreds of thousands of passengers who sail on board our fleet from all over Europe will receive the message and be made aware of the European Road Safety Charter programme.
    b) The same Once Upon a Time… Drink Driving Kills campaign will be published in the Memories magazine, which is the in-house publication of Louis Hotels. This publication is placed in all the rooms of our Louis Hotels, on the Greek islands as well as Cyprus. In this way, the campaign message, as well as the European Road Safety Charter programme, will be read by the hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Europe who stay with us every year.
  4. Louis Tourist Agency represents a great number of European tour operators in Cyprus, as well as handling excursions for cruise ships, such as Costa Crociere, calling at the port of Limassol. In order to make the message of the campaign available to all those tourists going on our excursions, leaflets will be made available on our fleet buses.
  5. In cooperation with Papadopoulos and Schinis Productions, we will organise a charity concert in Cyprus with an internationally renowned artist. The proceeds from the concert will go to the Melathron Rehabilitation Centre, one of the leading centres providing treatments and therapies to victims of road accidents on the island. We would suggest the presence of an EU official to open the charity concert and make a short speech highlighting the importance of saving 25,000 lives in Europe on an annual basis. State officials will also be invited.
  6. We will order 100,000 round stickers that hold the road and traffic licences. These will be given out free of charge to all tourists in Cyprus renting cars from a hire car outlet so that they can use them on their own cars back home. The logo of the European Road Safety Charter will be printed on each sticker, along with the “Get Home Safely” motto. In this way, they will be able to view the message and the logo when driving their own cars back home.

    All these actions will reach a total of 1,200,000,000 clients and will take place over 2008; we intend to continue them for a further two years.

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