European Road Safety Charter

Magyar Autóklub

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
From the changes in the number of accidents and the practical experience of the application of traffic rules we have drown the conclusion that a programmed and long continued shaping of mind and further training of all participants of traffic is necessary.
For several years our club has been making very serious efforts in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents. This purpose was also served by the creation of the Traffic Safety and Education Park in Budapest which was established by investing significant amounts in 1999. In the frame of special programs and as a completion of the activity of education and training institutions another form of basic and advanced training has been elaborated by us. Special programs have been introduced that provide for a lifetime training and advanced training of people who participate in traffic.
We are planning to carry on this program in a long run, but we accept it every year by the approval of the budget, and with knowledge of our financial means.
The programs are such as:
I.          Education of traffic knowledge for expectant mothers necessary during the time of their pregnancy
II.         Acquiring special knowledge connected with taking little children to crèche or kindergarten
III.        Extracurricular teaching of pupils in the upper section of elementary school
(between 10-14 years)
IV.        Special advanced training of holders of a driving licence.
For education we avail ourselves of the advisors of the network of doctors and district nurses, we educate pupils for special knowledge connected with cycling (estimating of distance, effect of collisions, tasks for cyclists requiring skilfulness, questions of environmental protection). We also teach driving knowledge with the help of go carts, provide theoretical and practical further training for grown up drivers by applying a sliding track, etc.
This year it is the fourth time that we operate our national traffic safety program "Safety on Roads Throughout a Lifetime". Our sliding track and the unit of a mobile truck providing perfect conditions for education are settled every year in 20-25 cities for a period of one week or two. 2500-3000 persons in every settlement attend our programs detailed above; and out of them some 250 persons participate in the education held in a classroom in the truck. In this way we provide, through our non-profit activity, new knowledge connected with traffic safety for 50.000-60.000 persons on average every year.
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