Europäische Charta für Straßenverkehrssicherheit

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Over the next three years, we will implement a series of awareness actions on a non-profit basis in order to increase road safety:
- During the first year of activities, we will organise and manage an ex ante and ex post information campaign targeting students, families and teachers. This will be totally free of charge for our clients. In practice, we will back up the communication campaign with conventions, recreational activities and workshops with families and various authorities. The workshops, carried out with families, teachers and municipal authorities, will be organised in individually themed days, and will be assessed by the authorities and Moviplan. Subsequent events will deal with the issue of road safety. For example, we will shortly be organising a contest on redesigning urban living and transport spaces, in order to eliminate cars from the city, as these are one of the main dangers on the road. Schools in a given city will compete in this contest and the winning project will be implemented by the host municipality.
- During the second year, the commitment will involve co-producing, with schools, a series of radio and TV spots and short films in order to communicate road safety topics. Contests will be organised for visual contributions on road safety issues. All of the short films produced will be included on the Moviplan YouTube channel (or the web cast channel of the school or body involved) and the winning product will be used as a genuine publicity spot (on the radio, TV and posters, all of which will be taken care of by our institutional partners).
 - During the third year, we will follow up on the initiative, monitoring and publishing the results of our interventions and the added value of the specific awareness activities. The projects and the results will be posted on the partner websites, our website and on the Moviplan YouTube channel (currently being set up).                       
Partners: Terlizzi Municipality, Ruvo di Puglia Municipality, Bisceglie Municipality, Consultrade s.r.l.



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