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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We are organising a bicycle training course for 4th class pupils of Viimsi Secondary School, every year we will teach over 100 children.
Learning bicycle riding is just as natural as learning walking, and in general all can cope with this. When moving about in one's own backyard, where there are no other riders, there is also less danger - the most serious danger being falling. However, once a child wants to leave the backyard and ride on the street, a host of questions arises about how to do so safely. This training will help a child acquire the suitable knowledge and skills for riding a bicycle safely.

In the theoretical section of the training, which lasts 22 hours, the requirements of the Road Safety Charter will be discussed along with topics that touch upon defensive driving and danger prevention. In addition, technical knowledge of the vehicle and skills to keep the vehicle under control will be provided. We are collecting electronic learning material for study.

Over a period of 10 rides during the practical section, pupils will be led through various exercises and stages of learning. Control of the vehicle (with exercises at the training facilities) and training rides in open traffic will be done under the tutelage of instructors.

Exercises and stages of learning on the training grounds:
Building and taking care of the bicycle
Fastening down of goods
Seat position
Use of bicycle equipment and components
Starting and breaking a ride
Managing and approaching an obstacle
Turning and breaking
Starting and breaking a ride on an incline
Motor skills

Training rides in open traffic under the tutelage of instructors:
Beginning a ride
Location of bicycle in the lane
Choice of speed
Approaching and passing vehicles
Changing lanes
Distance between vehicles
Crossing of intersections

Total length of training: 27 hours

Commitment period 2009-2011



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