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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


At MTN CYPRUS LTD (MTN) we will increase awareness regarding road safety and the importance of responsible driving. This will be done through:
a) Road safety advertisements in our catalogue (140.000 copies issued every month).
b) Flyers - A5 flyers with responsible driving methods will be distributed via our billing postal system.
c) MTN website - we will create a road safety section in our website promoting road safety.
d) Seminars/training - Staff will attend internal and external training seminars related to road safety. MTN will train employees on how to conduct a vehicle check prior to driving the vehicle.
e) MTN will create a company car driving policy in order to reduce misuse of company vehicles and provide ownership to the individual employee. All company cars will be equipped with safety equipment, such as first aid box, fire extinguisher, hazard triangle and florescent jackets.



charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Actively reduce serious or fatal accidents in order to provide a positive road safety culture. 

The main causes of accidents in Cyprus is the poor knowledge of the Road Safety Code, speeding, drink driving, driving without a seat belt etc.All these have contributed to the increase of road traffic accidents.

Your knowledge 

We need to promote a positive road safety culture.

this can be achieved through internal and external training by proffessionals and governmental bodies.

eventual partnerships in your commitment 

1) Ministry of communication & works
2) Ministry of labour and social insurance
3) Cyprus Police
4) Ministry of Education & Culture

Number of materials produced 
250000 approx
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