European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Aradippou

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Τhe Municipality of Aradippou aims, in cooperation with other institutions, to focus on attaining the common target of saving 25,000 lives, through the implementation of the following measures:
·         Organisation of campaigns for road safety, in collaboration with the local police, aimed at reinforcing the knowledge and understanding of citizens, and especially young citizens, on issues of road safety.
·         Organisation of events, dedicated to minorities, in collaboration with the Police Station of Aradippou, seeking to inform and educate them regarding the traffic rules and situations.
·         Local initiative, in cooperation with the Local Police Station, to establish an Action Plan for the policing of the road network of Aradippou, in order to reduce the offenders and hence accidents.
·         Training and education of pupils for raising awareness of the importance of road safety. Initially, we are planning to organise seminars for informing pupils on road safety, and allow about 20 students, under close police supervision, to dress in police uniforms and control the traffic for a short period of time. We are also planning to establish the organization of one-hour information seminars every three months, for primary school pupils.
·         Create awareness through local media campaigns to publicise and encourage the wider use of public transport and bicycles in order to reduce traffic and increase safety.
·         For the reduction of illegal parking, we aim to create new parking spaces and increase policing by employing two more traffic wardens.
·         Construction and reconstruction of pavements along the main major roads, of approximately 10km, in order to increase safety of citizens.
·         On the basis of city’s black spots map, we will intensify the processes for diminishing these areas and reducing car accidents.
·         We intend to organise seminars to raise awareness for the disabled people road safety and parking spaces.
·         Introduce the subject of road safety within the Municipal Committee of Technical issues.


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The frequency and severity of accidents within the Municipality of Aradippou, led to the need for action of the Municipality as well as of other institutions (eg. police, schools, etc) for the road safety of its citizens.
The problem facing the Municipality, concerning road safety, is the drivers behavior. There is a great need for further road culture consciousness. For us, the human factor is the core of the process of changing the situation.
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With the Police, Regional Traffic, School traffic wardens and private consultants for traffic studies.

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