European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Tata

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We intend to foster road safety enhancements in our town through the following actions:
1.         We want to make safer the access to children's institutions (nurseries, schools, etc.). Therefore, in 2009 we will build two new pedestrian crossings at busy spots located by the primary school and alter two existing pedestrian crossings in order to prevent accidents.
We will create a junction with traffic lights at the crossroads of Kocsi Street and Környei Street (a busy state public road), since it has been a site of several serious accidents in recent years.
2.         We also want to contribute to a highest level of safety for cyclists. Our aim is to double the existing (6km) cycle paths and also link them up with the cycle paths built in previous years. This includes a physically separated cycle path (approximately 400 m) running alongside the Kocsi Street, which is used intensively by heavy vehicles. This will join the existing cycle path.
We will intend to build a cycle path between three neighbouring town, where currently it is not possible to offer cyclists safe routes.
3.         In 2009 we will build a cyclist traffic park for children to use, where in the future we plan to educate them about highway code. 
4.         In 2010 we will publish a brochure for 1,000 students containing information about riding bicycle safely on roads.
5.         The Municipal Council records road accidents reported by the police. Using this information, we will inform the population about the most dangerous junctions as from January 2010 through our website.
6.         We want to organise campaigns through our website and local media to draw the people's attention to the need of observing the Highway Code on public roads, especially respecting speed limits. The first campaign will begin on 1 May and will continue until 31 October 2009.
Period of commitment :2009 -2011.
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