European Road Safety Charter

Nano Protector

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Frequent traffic accidents caused by poor vision, dirty windshields or other windows, along with alcohol, drugs or medication behind the wheel and fatigue, which drastically increase reaction time. These frequent causes of accidents often remain unknown to drivers.

In order to decrease traffic deaths in Switzerland and the EU, we will raise drivers’ awareness of the issue of “Reaction Time in Road Traffic”.

Through at least 15 lectures per year on this issue at up to 10 companies, automobile clubs, insurance agencies and 20 organisations, we will make the public aware of the fact that innocent people can lose their lives or become seriously injured in road traffic when a driver does not react quickly enough in risk situations.

Moreover, Nanoprotector has undertaken to convince a total of 20 major European companies of the importance of road safety and thereby have them sign the Road Safety Charter by June of 2009.

For public information, we will develop a website at, with the lemma “Driving with a Clear View”. Furthermore, a total of 10,000 fliers with informative material on road safety will be distributed to various companies, town halls, petrol stations and automobile clubs in Switzerland and in other places in Europe.

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