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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
With more than 10 000 members, school and university students, young workers and young businessmen, The Youth of the Democratic Rally (NEDISY) has been active in road safety campaign for the last two years. Over the next three years, in order to decrease significantly the number of road accidents, particularly among youth people, commits to undertake the following actions:
1. Each month NEDISY will organise at least one event on a local level to raise awareness regarding driver's behaviour. We will distribute products that contribute to raise awareness on responsible driving behaviour to drivers. These products with road safety messages will include among others personal alcohol detectors, car deodorants, rulers, key rings, hats, t-shirts, post cards, pins, etc (5000-10000 accordingly). From the whole campaign we aim to reach 100 000 people. Our organisation will fund the campaign with the support of the Youth Board of Cyprus and private companies.
2. Each year during our road safety campaign, we will hold open discussions and seminars between representatives of the government official authorities (Ministry of Justice, the Parliament, the police etc.) and young drivers, where the drivers will have the opportunity to learn, discuss and exchange ideas related to driving behaviour attitudes. In these seminars more than 500 youngsters are expected to participate.
3. We will also arrange that young volunteers (100) will distribute flyers (10000) to pedestrians and drivers in the streets informing them about the hazards of driving under the influence of alcohol.
4. At the beginning of each academic year we will campaign for road safety and responsible driving behaviour in universities and schools. During this campaign there will be distributed approximately 30 000 campaign informative leaflets.
5. We will also prepare a TV spot on road safety targeting young people. The TV spot will be prepared by an advertising company for our organisation and will be transmitted for free by channels who are going to be our partners on this campaign.
6. Music concerts will take place in several districts of Cyprus each year with famous Greek singers dedicated to raise awareness on driving behaviour through music. We will distributed information leaflets to young people before and during the concerts. The funding of these events will be partially from the Cyprus Youth Board, private companies and our own funds. There will be 3 concerts where 200 volunteers will work and more than 6000 young people will participate. 
We, the Youth of the Democratic Rally (NEDISY) commit to the above in order to save lives and reduce fatalities from traffic accidents in Cyprus.
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